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The Importance of STEMM

Each STEMM component contributes to out education in its own way. Science provides people with understanding to nature and critical thinking. Technology educates young generation to work in a world where high-tech advancements are commonplace. Engineering allows students to improve their problem-solving abilities and apply what they've learned to new tasks. Mathematics allows people to assess data, eliminate errors, and make conscious decisions. Medicine provides human with health and cure. 

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The Impact of STEMM in Scoiety

STEMM knowledge are in high demand in today's society. STEMM education empowers people to make well-informed decisions among varies area. Furthermore, STEMM skills are required for almost any career since they are linked to science and technology in many different ways. Many young generations grow under many years study of STEMM, who will be able make a contribution to our scoiety in the future with a solid understanding of STEMM.


Diversity in STEMM

Why is Diversity Important?

Every individual sees the world treat their life in a unique way. Diversity is not about individuals, it is about merging many individuals. 

Inequality in STEMM

Despite many differences such as gender, race, nationality and all other factors, white males continue to dominate STEMM fields, while women and other racial and ethnic minorities remain underrepresented


A report from National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES) has noted that U.S. scientists and engineers with disabilities intend to have a greater unemployment rate of 5.7% than labor force (3.7%).


Moreover, among many occupation in STEMM field, female scientists and engineers are more likely to have lower median salaries than males, while women’s median annual salary was $70,000, whereas the median salary for men was $95,000 in 2019.

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