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Ronald Cicurel



Mathematician, Philosopher and Writer

Research topics: Mathematics and human brian, the nature of reality and quantum information.

Born in Cairo in 1945, from my bedroom window at 12 I could see the Nile and the pyramids of Giza in the distance. From my window today I can see Lake Geneva and the mountains. These changing windows, these moving interior landscapes, but a permanent quest: knowledge.

Mathematician, lecturer at EPFL in Lausanne, member of the Brazilian commission for the advancement of science, author in 2002 of "The quest for Spyridon", in 2013 of "The computer will not digest the brain" and in 2015 "The Relativistic Brain" in collaboration with Miguel Nicolelis, in 2016 following a cardiac surgery intervention of "Narcoses, Danses avec l'Irréel" and in 2018 of "Mémoires du Caire" retracing the history of his family in Egypt and his departure following the events of 1956 for Lausanne in Switzerland.

In 2018 in collaboration with Miguel Nicolelis, he founded Aurora Neurodevices Ltd which aims

to propagate treatments for neurological diseases from the laboratories of Professor Nicolelis, in particular for Parkinson's and rehabilitation.

Sees science as a revolt and knowledge as our ultimate value. It is what occupies our mind today that becomes our reality tomorrow.


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