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Fri,Mar 25 | Clubhouse seminar


Machine Learning

We now know that quantum computers have the potential to boost the performance of machine learning systems, and may eventually power efforts in fields from drug discovery to fraud detection. 


Wed, Mar 30 | Clubhouse seminar

ColdQuanta Quantum approach, technologies, and advantages

ColdQuanta aims to harness quantum mechanics to build and integrate quantum computers, sensors and networks.

​Fri, Apr 1 | Clubhouse seminar

E Beam Lithography


​Fri, Apr 8 | Clubhouse seminar

Lehmer Transform for Complex Data Analysis

We discuss the Lehmer Transform which has been recently proposed to compress and characterize large volumes of highly volatile and nonstationary time series data like financial and biological signals.

​Tue, Apr 12 | Clubhouse seminar

Silicon Photonics

In recent years, silicon-on-insulator (SOI) waveguides have gained considerable interest due to several attractive features such as strong confinement of light, low loss in the near- and mid-infrared regions, cost-effectiveness, and compatibility with CMOS technology.


​Wed, Apr 13 | Clubhouse seminar

The Future Case for Active Transhumanism

David Wood is the Chair of the London Futurists, an author of many books and articles, and a keynote speaker

​Thu, Apr 21 | Clubhouse seminar

Ion translocation thru membrane transporters

We will discuss Dr. Sunil Nath's recent paper on “Energy landscapes and dynamics on ion translocation through membrane transporters: a meeting ground for physics, chemistry, and biology.”


Fri,Mar 29 | Clubhouse seminar

The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen(ERP) Paradox


Fri,Mar 28 | Clubhouse seminar

Will NVIDIA Hopper transfrom AI?

03282022 (1).png

Fri,Mar 28 | Clubhouse seminar

Behaviors and Neural Networks


Tue, Mar 1 | Clubhouse seminar

Sensors and Radiometry for statellite imaging


Tue, Mar 26 | Clubhouse seminar

AR VR XR Hardware Technologies w/Steve


Tue, Mar 27 | Clubhouse seminar

Reflection, Transmission AND refraction 

03252022 (1).png

Tue, Mar 25 | Clubhouse seminar

Evolutionary Ethics and the METAverse


Tue, Mar 24 | Clubhouse seminar

Tech: Emerging Trends, Future Directions


Tue, Mar 23 | Clubhouse seminar

Emergent Sasaki-Einstein geometry and AdS/CFT w Dr.Persson

Pampas Flower

2022, Jan 24 | Clubhouse seminar

Cyborgs, AI, & Metaverse: The World’s Most Advanced Cyborg with Catarina Cunha

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